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BabyBrowning on ComedyCentral!!

2010-09-06 13:55:56 by toon53

Baby Browning Episode 1 was aired on ComedyCentral on the 1st of June!!

And here is the link to the video here on NEWGROUNDS:

BabyBrowning Ep1 Newgrounds!!

Here is a link to the video on

BabyBrowning EP1

Hi All,

I've just finished opening my company's Online Store!!

toon53productions's Online Gift Shop is finally open! If you love this company's award winning animations or just love cartoons in general then this is the store for you! There is everything from T-Shirts to Hoodies, Hats to Keepsake Boxes, even thong for those guy that have deep dark secrets. Treat yourself or get a friend something special and if you don't want to buy anything then just window shop and enjoy the view.

Go now! Buy something! Tell a friend! And if you don't have any just shout the web address out loud next time you're in the mall! s

toon53productions's Online Store!!

BabyBrowning Ep1 got onto the FRONT PAGE :)

2009-02-10 15:27:53 by toon53

Baby Browning Episode1 "Special Delivery"

Has made it onto the FRONT PAGE!!

If the guys at Newgrounds loves it then you know you're going to enjoy it too :)


BabyBrowning Ep1 got onto the FRONT PAGE :)

toon53productions website 2009

2009-01-18 14:20:36 by toon53

Okay all so it's 2009 and toon53productions is off to a great start!

Got lots of work coming in and the jobs are fun ones :)

Busy on a great animated series pitch and we have to have a 5 episode animation

we're helping Portal to Learning create done by the end of the month for SABC

(the biggest broadcaster here in good old South Africa)

We've updated our website for animation enthusiasts and clients to
have a look at.


Hope you've all had a great holiday
and may you all create amazing animations for Newgrounds this year.

Michael Robertson
toon53productions cc

toon53productions website 2009

I've just finished creating a new "Made for Mobile" animated series for one of SA's biggest channels.

This series has been received well by the SA audience, making it into the top 3 in the "Animation" and "Mobile" sections of the EDIT Film Festival in South Africa.

All the episodes are up on the toon53productions's website on the "ANIMATIONS" page and I'll upload all six episodes here on Newgrounds in the next couple of days.

Here is a link to the episode on the net:

toon53productions CC website.

And here is a link to the episodes already on Newgrounds:

Episode 1 - "Lion Whisperer"

Episode 2 - "Size Matters"

Episode 3 - "Hooked"

Hope you enjoy them as much as the SA did.

toon53productions's new "Made for Mobile" animated series!